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we've been through it all

" no happy endings "

{ cynbel } - { brute } - { old alpha of a land far away } - { loveless } - { child of delaria }

name ;; cynbel
age ; adult
gender ;; male
breed ;; timber mixed with grey wolf
appearance ;; the base coat of his fur is an ashy gray-white. this color shows clearly upon his muzzle and the bottom of his legs down to his paws. a darker gray brushes through his thick fur like a blanket that has been placed on top of him. the darker gray colors the upper parts of his body such as his back, flanks, tail, and halfway on his face. upon his ears, somewhat around his eyes, and at the very tip of his tail there is a rusty red hue in his fur that brings out the overall gray hues all the more. his eyes are a deep sun kissed gold that almost talk for him in some situation
personality ;; very proper, protective, and loyal. being alpha of his pack back where he came from, he had to have the strength to carry his packs emotions on his shoulders. he keeps his personal emotions very well hidden, unless expressing it in anger.
history ;;was the alpha of his old pack, along with Nimueh. he banished her and blamed her for his mates death during her whelping. once he banished her, he left his pack to his most trusted friend and disappeared. he hadn't wanted to stick around with the memory of his mates life still hanging on the air. he left and entered blossom forest, now on the hunt to find Nimueh and tell her he was sorry.

im on my way

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