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Rev Transfer

Alder - who was called "River" on Rev - was joined but never played there, so I understand if some aspects are not transferable! :3

Name: Alder
Age: 13
Sex: Male
Heritage: Unknown x Birch
Hair: Black
Eyes: Silver [unnatural]
Skin: Medium Brown
Children: --
Familiar: --
Level: Points: I:0pts.
Ren: --
Physical & Neuro-Diversity: --
  • Shapeshifting (chital deer)
  • Embed Memory: "You are able to embed your own memories into inanimate objects, allowing you to relive the full experience of a specific moment in your past simply by touching the object. This will usually allow you to remember the event in more detail as it will also embed sensory cues, such as what you heard, felt, tasted, smelled, and saw. At first, the object will play the memory for anyone who touches it - allowing others to view private memories - while with more practice you can "lock" the object so it only plays for you. This is considered a neutral power. "
    Maybe closest Shaman equiv would be "Objects Past" or an Imprinting power like Birch has?
  • Air Manipulation (V13 power)

  • Unnatural eyes (silver)

Assigned Items: --
Status: Alive
Player: Raev

Random but funny, totally didn't realize Riv's original middle name was Alder until I looked up the original join! LOL!

    • accepted >> -

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