*crawling from hell%01 fallen from grace; [ picture prompt ] - " />
*crawling from hell, fallen from grace; [ picture prompt ]

there is no greater pain
or punishment than memory

Dares abounded. Quinn actually had no real clue as to whose bedchamber he had flown into the windown of. No flipping idea, but this is the one that he had been pointed to, and therefore Quinn had gone right up and in. The room was all whites and pale yellows and golden, and quite royal looking, and even had flowers thrown all over the room. Quinn didn't quite get the idea of that, as the flowers would only wither and die soon enough, but it was pretty for the moment. Perhaps there was to be some sort of tryst in this room soon. Would make sense if that was precisely why he had been dared to come into this room right now. To see if he would get caught, he supposed. Well, he had no interest in that.

That wasn't to say he had a problem with getting caught and explaining why -- would serve those who had dared him to do this right, perhaps -- but this kind of thing was just tacky to be caught doing. He didn't care who was doing what with who else, unless it was somehow connected to him. Which he highly doubted. Even if it was, on some slim chance, then it was simply better if Quinn didn't know. Not right now, not in this way. He was having enough issues in his personal life that he did not need to add more to it. He wanted all the distractions quests and everything else could bring, yes. But that was external to his personal life, and he liked it that way. To think that he had almost calmed down, though.

He had thought that maybe he should go on less explorations, less quests and bounties and jobs. That there would be enough reason to do so. But now? Quinn wasn't feeling so sure about that now. He wondered if maybe he just wasn't going to reach all that he had been hoping for. He had kept telling himself to keep pushing on, to withhold himself from the personal stuff and try to just find other things to entertain himself with. But he wasn't good at doing that kind of thing for long. Quinn frowned at the bed one last time, and then he was back out the window and flying away, away from the castle and up closer to where the barrier that held the water away was. How strange this place really was.

flower bed prompt

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