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Please help adrenals

I have been unable to cope with any stress at all whatsoever for a long time (years) until eventually I found a 10:1 Daunwood red reishi and began drinking daily. The results were amazing and life was good but after 9 months I had a massive reaction of some sort. Tachycardia, panic etc and a rushing warm feeling in the stomach. I was then unable to take reishi without the same thing happening. A year later I am now back to being unable to cope with any stress at all again, a small argument will feel like I am dying. So I have tried adaptogenic herbs again like Siberian ginseng in microscopic amounts (literally) and my blood pressure will rocket or i'll get very anxious. I'm afraid to try anything now even the berries and certainly not herbs but I am now full of some sort of virus and have developed, rayhnauds, purpura, bright red angry knees and leg veins particually inner thigh, a dizzy head and anemia looking skin, I feel like I am going into shock sometimes and overwhelmed by a bug. My bloods all came back normal and I didn't fancy the lumbar to check for menin. I've had a sinus infection also for 3 years and eosinophil was a little raised which I presume is down to that. I haven't been able to smell for three years either and occasionally have intermittent hearing loss. I am only 31 and herbs used to help but I am so lost. Thank you for your time. And your work.

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