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a carousel of agony

Character concept donated by Edel. Aspelta approved creation with the Siren's Song power; I would like to give him the magical Tail trait (appears when in water) - Edel generously donated half towards the price of his tail, the remainder should come from my bank! I would also like to apply the Anti-Wing Potion for 500$ on him (if he's not eligible for the price reduction due to not being a pre-existing character I totally understand and I'll have to wait to purchase it!). ♥♥

Player: Ræv
Name: Ripkar
Biological Sex: Male
Skin Color: Type III
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Dark Blue (L); Pale Green (R)
Physical & Neuro-Diversity: Has a personality disorder (based off of Antisocial Personality Disorder, but I didn't feel 100% comfy with using that exact term since I don't feel well-researched enough to accurately play someone with ASPD).
V13 Power: Can Breathe Underwater

Detailed Appearance: Ripkar has appealing, somewhat androgynous, features (some might call him pretty, others handsome, but both camps would say he was attractive) including a long straight nose; high cheekbones; a curvy, somewhat feminine mouth; large mismatched eyes with long dark lashes; and thicker brows. He is typically close-shaven and has his hair in a messy undercut, though he has been known to grow a tidy beard when the mood strikes. He is typically quite fastidious and his care for his appearance is quite obvious. He stands approximately 6'4" in bare feet and has an athletic "overglider" figure. His nipples, left eyebrow, and chin (labret) are all pierced; he also has several piercings in his ears including: scaffold; rook; tragus; lobe; & second lobe piercings on his left ear and conch; anti-tragus; helix; lobe; & second lobe piercings on right. He usually wears two golden necklaces, one close to his throat and the other longer. All jewelry is of high quality. He has a dark blue serpent tattoo winding down his right arm (head positioned at his shoulder, tail near the bottom of his wrist) and a dark red one on his left (head near the top of his wrist, tail wound around his shoulder); the one on his right arm is muscular with smoother scales, the one on his left is slimmer and sleeker with sharp scales.

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