lalala [any]

This post may contain swearing and adult themes.

if you want my body,
and you think i'm sexy,

Sooooooo, its been a while.

I mean, we're all aware that's a huge understatement, but let's blow right past that because YOLO (are people still saying that? I know it was cool a few years back but I haven't heard it recently. I don't want to seem out of touch with the young ones, you know). And I'm immortal so YOLO doesn't really mean that much to me, but I'm a Cool Guy with Great Hair so I can pretty much do whatever I want and get away with it.
Perry is informing me that this isn't true but his feathers look ridiculous so he knows I won't be listening to him.

We're at what I assume is the Castle, but I never really spent much time around here before so it could be basically anything and it doesn't really matter, because all that anyone will soon care about is me.
Perry is informing me that this isn't true either but refer to previous point re: that.

its draco, baby
come on, sugar, let me know.


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