the darkness will rise from the deep

The door opened and Mordred smiled; Gaiane was undeniably pretty. As she stood framed in the doorway in her best dress she looked like one of the saintly icons from one of Arthur's books in his chapel. She was the perfect actress for the role he had in mind.
"You look beautiful," he told her, offering his arm. Her grip was light. Mordred closed his free hand over hers to find that her fingers were cold. "They're going to love you," he promised her as he lead the way along the corridor to the nearest staircase, "I promise." Taking the steps slowly so she didn't get caught up in her dress he felt his magic crackling. It was only when he was around her that he realised how much of it he used without thought. Her presence made him away of it, the power so great it made its presence felt. It was intoxicating; he felt like he could do anything.

They approached the doors to the dining room and paused just outside. Mordred turned her so she was looking at him and took hold of both her hands.
"Are you ready?" he asked her attentively, "it's just Arthur and my mother for now, my nephew and sister are just finishing something up, then they'll join us. I thought they'd be less intimidating if we split them up." He smiled at her again, his brow forming a perfect line of concern, "did I get that right?" He took a deep breath, as if steadying himself. "I'm sorry, I'm a little nervous."

When she was read he opened the door and escorted her inside. Arthur and Nimueh stood talking on the opposite side of the room. Arthur held a glass wine goblet, and Nimueh a tall glass of fruit juice. They both turned to meet them with welcoming smiles.
"Hello," Arthur said kindly, "it's nice to finally meet you." Nimueh closed the gap between them, resplendent in a gown of purple and silver cloth. Her green eyes, undimmed by age, gleamed.
"We have heard so much about you. I've been asking Dred to meet you for months! I am beyond delighted to meet you."
"Would you like something to drink?" Arthur asked, gesturing towards the drinks cabinet in the corner, "we're fairly well stocked, so I hope we'll have something you like."

Mordred kissed Gai on the cheek as he followed his brother to fetch the drinks, leaving Gaiane in Nimueh's care. She picked up the girl's hands. The poor thing looked beyond nervous. She was cold too. Nimmy steered her towards the fire crackling away in the hearth.
"Tell me about yourself," she said encouragingly, "I love my boys but I swear, neither of them are big on sharing. Not with their mother anyway."

the darkness will rise from the deep

photo by jannis at flickr.com


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