*you pull the trigger just for fun; - " />
*you pull the trigger just for fun;

cause darlin' i'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream

It's been awhile; that was how Quinn described his own absence within Shaman. He knows where he had gone and for how long as far as his timeframe, though he still had no real idea on how long it had been for Shaman. Long enough for it to end up some crazy waterworld that irritated the hell out of him. No running space to really stretch his legs or anything. Most of the land was uphill, as in the peaks. This was all fine and dandy for the phoenix side of things, but not for the much more ingrained cheetah side. He was getting tired of all the flying. Wasn't like it was a big thing for him any other time, he rather liked his own feet firmly on the ground.

And in the castle bubble, there was dry ground, but it wasn't the same. Most might argue that it looked pretty neat with the 'walls' of ocean all around to look up into, but that was cool for maybe a week. Quinn had always felt a little uncertain about the magic holding it all up like that, because he had known magic to fail a good deal of the time. Drowning didn't sound like a good way to go, either. Quinn couldn't be sure that it's how things would go if the walls suddenly came crashing down, but he sure as hell did not want to find out. Memories from his youth made the idea of drowning immensely discomforting to him.

Or so thinks the guy who ripped his own heart from his chest last time he was in Shaman. Quinn did not have the most healthy opinions about death, as it were. Not that he's thinking of dying right now, because that would work against him this time around. Didn't stop him from peering up at the 'sky' of water above the castle grounds every so often as he strolled calmly along. He did give pause when a familiar face came into view, however. Draco. He remembers this pretty well from the last time he had been here. And also the hair comment. He walked on over to Draco with a friendly sort of smile. "It's been how long? And your hair is still on point." He commented evenly by way of greeting.


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