i mean, i probably won't be doing that

This post may contain swearing and adult themes.

if you want my body,
and you think i'm sexy,

Obviously, itís not long before Iím approached. Ah, my devoted fans; Iím sure now that one has found me the rest will be along soon. I make sure to keep peering around this one fairy, so that the rest of the group - when they appear, it canít be long - donít think Iím ignoring them.
This guy smiles at me, speaks to me as if he knows me. I hope heís not one of those obsessive fans; I really donít fancy getting shot, or whatever the Shaman equivalent is. But, actually, the more I look at him - and I try not to look at anyone too long, I donít want them to get ideas about their station - I think I know him. Maybe. He has a somewhat generic face.
I can hear Perry telling me thatís rude. What does he know? He spends most of his time looking at the most ungeneric face in Shaman (mine), so he probably doesnít know what I mean.

"My hair will never not be on point, good sir," I point out to him. Whoever he is, we clearly didnít meet very often, or heíd know that already. Poor guy. Heís been missing out. I thrust out a hand, because we are men and men do things like shake hands and compare beards - though I will never have a beard, why would I cover up any of this face? - and so tradition must be kept.
I cannot remember this manís name, though I donít really know why I should have to. Where is Perry? Perry remembers everything, even when it is unnecessary, and so he could pull a name from his mind within seconds. Itís pretty much the only reason I keep him around.
Sigh. I suppose I must attempt to draw out the name subtly, without hinting that I have no idea who this bloke is.
"Sorry, who are you again?"
Subtlety is boring.

its draco, baby
come on, sugar, let me know.


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