*forgetting i'm a loaded gun; - " />
*forgetting i'm a loaded gun;

cause darlin' i'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream

Quinn was trying to ignore the fact that this guy was so distracted that he kept peering around Quinn, looking for something or other. It was a little off-putting, but Quinn was holding up well enough regardless of that. He was in a fairly good mood, so he didn't comment on it -- yet -- and was attempting friendliness. He does have to quirk an eyebrow at the response that he got, because with the water all around and ocean breeze, he wanted to point out how difficult it must be to maintain hair perfection. But he doesn't. Somehow, he knows that won't do him any good here.

He wasn't really one for shaking hands a lot outside of work -- mercenary work and the like tended to focus on handshakes at the ends of deals, and he went along with that when he had to -- but he allowed it now, half tempted to let his super strength 'punish' Draco for the distracted manner in which he was going along with in the conversation. Maybe the handshake was a little tighter than was warrented, but he hadn't tried to crush Draco's hand and given his mild irritation, that was being a good sport about it. Sometimes he doesn't really know why he bothers.

Okay, most of the time. But here we are, and Quinn doesn't even blink when Draco asks who he is. Wasn't like he was around for that long, and he had kept to himself a fair amount of the time he was here. Or, honestly, kept to wherever Echidna was. A lot of hunting, a lot of sex. It was a good time. Until it wasn't. The past was past, best to leave it where it lay. He gives Draco a calm look. "I'm Quinn. I wasn't here long last time. Ended up dead, bouncing around realms. Can't say I'm fond of being back here for the water world effect, though." He said, annoyance clear in his voice for the water world part.


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