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-- walking me across a fragile line

Name: Ithiel
Biological sex: Intersex
Hair colour: Near black
Eye colour: Triple ring irises; silver-white, metallic violet, oily black.
Skin tone: Type II?
Wing appearance: Pterosaur, iridescent oily black color.
Physical & Neuro-Diversity: Twin to Ucal.
Free V13 power: Shapshifting; Water Moccasin Snake.
Your player name: cas
How you found out about us: Don't remember.
Skills: Herbalist, Gardener, Apothecary, Courtesan.
Age: Early twenties.
Gender: Fluid, unconcerned with pronouns.
Sexual & romantic orientation: Uncertain.

Sample post:
Ithiel would have liked to be a magician. It was the power that Ithiel was most interested in; but it was power at all that Ithiel grasped at. From youth -- not that Ithiel was considered old now -- Ithiel had strived towards learning more about magic, about what it would be like to have that kind of power. It was something a little out of reach. And the words 'a little' were used lightly, if only because Ithiel hated that it was so far more than a little out of reach. That fact was a burning through Ithy's entire form, to know it was there, to see it in others and not be able to do it. To not be able to have that kind of power when it was so desperately wanted. But this is what Ithiel was. Just non magical and trying to get by.

It was a harsh reality after having once been able to harness some magic, being able to imbue things with it. Artificer, they'd said. And now what was Ithiel? Lost. If only that magic was back, or if only Ithiel could be a magician, things would have a better outlook. It wouldn't be so bad. Perhaps there was no real way to be an artificer again, but there were other magics. Earth magics could be enough, couldn't they? Ithiel was immersed into gardening of a sort, into growing plants for what they could do, what they could be used for. That was something that would not go away, magician or not. Ithiel wasn't even sure what that all entailed, to be honest. How much it would take away or give back; there was no real knowing that.

And it was nothing that Ithiel could touch now. It was held away, and it was better to forget what Ithy couldn't have. So that was what Ithiel was trying to do. Forget what couldn't be had. This was not working for Ithy, though. It was a constant on Ithiel's mind, wondering what could be done with the magic if it was there for the taking. So much, or so Ithiel would think, try to grasp and use if it was something that could be had. Life as a magician could be so much better, much more enjoyable and enlightening. But it wasn't something that Ithiel had.

Anything else you wish to include:
Unnatural Eyes - 500$ (bought on updates)
Sex Swap Power - 2000$ (bought on updates)

ithiel | intersex | sex swap power | twin to ucal | tarquin x vhetiveer

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