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from the tomb.

Name: Ligeia
Age: Pup
Gender: Female
Appearance: Swarthy, sickly child with long, avian-like features. Naturally delicate bone structure, currently unnaturally thin due to horrible eating habits. Moderately long, black, thick tresses that tangle easily, often catching dirt and twigs. Cold, bottomless navy eyes that appear almost black when not in direct light. Harbors an unnerving stare that gives the impression that she is trying to stare into one's soul when she is only looking at others. Despite her slightly awkward appearance, she moves with liquid grace.
Personality: Socially awkward, often mimics others' actions. Has a habit of studying people. She observes others more than she speaks to them. Highly intrigued by death though not at all eager to meet her own. Obsessive, possessive. She clings to those she calls her own, often to an alarming extent. She is easily jealous and doesn't like to share. Greedy like a dragon with a fierce temper to match. Lover of beautiful things. Suffers from memory loss so she isn't sure who she is (aside from her name) or where she's from. Easily confused, easily manipulated. Doesn't handle stress well as she's easily anxious. Thoroughly ruled by her emotions for now, as most pups are. Time will tell how her personality will be shaped.
Breed: Timber wolf
OOC: Poe

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