and carry you down into sleep; Gaiane, from below

"Likewise," Morgana smiled, before taking her first mouthful of soup. "I owe you a thank you. I think you're the reason I'm not being force-fed fish again." She had some more soup.
"When the flood finally recedes," Tristan chimed in, "I swear, I won't want to see another fish as long as I live!"
"I think the chefs have done a wonderful job for us!" Nimueh said, "at least they mix up the flavours a bit. Where I grew up fish was just fish." Tristan grinned.
"Yes, Grandmother," he agreed, helping himself to another ladle of soup, "but they weren't your next-door neighbours, were they? There's something a little unsettling about waking up to find a flatfish staring in through your bedroom window."
"Especially if the said flat fish then ends up on your plate at dinner time," Mordred joined in, throwing a half-smile in Gaiane's direction.

When they had all had their fill of their first course, the servers returned to clear the tureen and their bowls. Mordred turned his hand under Gaiane's and slotted his fingers through hers.
"Do you feel like coming over to The Peaks sometime, Gaiane?" Morgana asked, tucking a stray strand of hair back behind her ear. "There's all sorts of things you could get involved in if you felt like it. Handing out clothes and blankets, distributing supplies, giving out medicine and bandages, that kind of thing." She smiled. "Don't worry if you don't fancy it. I can count the number of time Dred's visited on one hand." Mordred laughed.
"What can I say," he shrugged, as the servers filed back in with the main course. They served Arthur first and then circled clockwise around the table, "I lack your common touch, sister."

When everyone had been served they tucked in.
"Oh man," Tristan said with a little moan, "real, proper, actual meat!" Nimueh laughed and looked to Gaiane.
"Mordred told me you have a bit of a sweet tooth," he said brightly, "when you get back to your room you'll find I sent you up some little cakes. I hope you're a fan of lemon." It was Arthur's turn to laugh.
"If she can eat any of your cakes after one of Jean's meals, then she's a very impressive woman indeed." Nimueh smiled up the table at him.
"I sent a tin too," she retorted, taking a mouthful of quail and then winking at Gaiane, "the cakes will keep 'til tomorrow."

the darkness will rise from the deep

photo by jannis at flickr.com


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