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one track mind, like a goldfish

It was mostly his fault, really; Danny had had his nose in a tome of animal anatomy and hadn't been paying attention to where he was going (the muttering to himself hadn't helped) and if he'd any sense at all he probably would have noticed Caldera and her familiar, Buddy, before then. I mean, a lightning aja was pretty hard to miss, particularly one that had already come over to your house (and been inside it, for that matter). He flushed dully, his heart thumping in his throat, and he glanced from the blackened grass at his feet to the startled Cal and back. He gave her a shaky, slightly shy smile.

"I-it's okay, Cal, no harm done," he replied a bit nervously, though whether it was from meeting unexpectedly with his brother's... Cal or nearly getting electrocuted, it was hard to tell. And then he wondered, was it okay to call her that? Flynn did it so often at home it seemed weird to call her by her full name, but... was it rude of him? He shifted nervously, tucking his book under his arm.

Sol, however, had no such qualms. "YOU ALMOST BLEW US UP!!" Sol shouted excitedly, prancing around Cal and extending his nose to sniff Buddy. He said it as if blowing them up was pretty much the coolest thing that Cal could have done in the whole world, and like he might possibly ask her to try again at some point. Danny shot him his "calm down, idiot!" look, which Sol pointedly ignored.

"That wouldn't have blown us up, actually, we would've been electrocuted. Like being cooked from the inside out," Danny said, correcting Sol out of habit. Then he winced; he'd made it sound worse, hadn't he? "Not that... you know... anyways. Um, were you practicing your magic?"

He asked this bit curiously, clinging to a slightly safer version of the topic. He cocked his head to the side curiously. "I didn't know you had electrical magic. A new development?"

"Stop analyzing her and tell her how cool it is, Danny!" Sol chastised, doing a dramatic flop-roll that landed him upside down near Cal's legs, belly available for petting if she felt so inclined.

Danny blushed. His familiar was such an idiot!

I like doing doctory things, yo

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