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Re(1): Hits with The Brits

Love the title Steve!. I love posts like this, folks chatting about the charts and how well the lads have done over the years. As a Brit myself(born and bred in Edinburgh)I,ve always thirsted for knowledge about how the Beach boys have performed in the charts worldwide.

Problem is over the years many critics and fans of the group seem to think that the measure of the guys success begins and ends with the US and UK charts. If it wasnt a hit in either of those two countries I,ve heard critics say then "it dosent count". utter nonesense in my opinion. The success of The Beach Boys records over the past 56 years is because of their "worldwide" sales. There is far too much preoccupation with the UK and Billboard charts. I,ve done a fair bit of looking back at charts all over the world and its a real eye opener!!.

Was I Get Around the first ever BB number 1?!! Technically was Surfin Safari..No 1 in Sweden. And it counts as much as any other chart.

Now that I,ve had a friendly rant about that(lol) my opinion of the tracks that Steve has mentioned being huge in the UK. Yes they absolutely were destined and deserved their top ten placings. In fact they were major hits in other countries too. The problem(as we all know) with Capitol Records in the US back then is that they wouldnt have known a hit if they tripped over it. Capitol US treated the guys and their music like crap during the 67 , 68 and 69 period. So too did a lot of the US fans and critics. But the truth is the music was(and still is) fantastic from that period and deserved the respect and praise that Capitol in the US couldnt be bothered showing it. However not just in the UK but in europe their music was praised through the roof and the songs were charting high everywhere...Sweden, France, Netherlands, etc in fact evrywhere else apart from the states.

Tears In The Morning is another example...a top ten hit on the Dutch charts. Way to go guys. Holland and Sunflower both were top ten albums in the Netherlands. Austria, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, etc, etc the list is endless with the amount of high charting BB songs during the late 60s and early 70s. I have nothing but respect for Capitol but I feel that when it became abundantly clear the the guys were not going to revert back to their earlier sound, I think capitol in the Us just spat their dummy out the pram and made life as difficult as possible for The Beach Boys. And it really was sad because all the Beach Boys albums after Pet Sounds up to and including Holland all had at least(to my ears) two to three potential Top 20 hits at least!!!

it is nice however over the more recent decades that Capitol in the UShave seen in hindsight that what the guys were doing in the late 60s was something incredible and they have been given their dues for that over the past two decades. Of course the BBs have been royally screwed by the record companies who havent done their sums properly and thats why the RIAA awards for the group are so obviously incorrect. Pet Sounds eligible for gold then platinum status in America in 2000?!! Are you serios? pet Sounds had probably hit platinum before the 60s was even done. I read somewhere that in 2015 it was estimated that Pet Sounds was probably closer to 6 times platinum in the states

The truth will out as the muggles say!!. Hope I havent gone on too long. I just get excited about these kind of topics and want to see justice served to the guys and their music. Does it really matter over 45 years later??!!......hell yesssss!!

So yes in closing all of those songs deserved their Top Ten placing. As for anything after Holland? Yes the guys still deserved better treatment but thats for another time, lol!!

Take care folks


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