*so hate me for the things i've done; - " />
*so hate me for the things i've done;

cause darlin' i'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream

Maybe Quinn was just too terrible at shallow socialization to deal with this second meeting properly. It's hard to say if he had added onto the memory of meeting Draco before, if for some reason Quinn had thought of the man as more than fickle and flighty with attention. That could be how it was, just the need to think that this isn't how it went last time, though Quinn remembers clearly the hair thing, but that wasn't the worst of vices. Caring about one's hair was a good thing, and although he did not nearly go to the lengths Draco did with hair, Quinn was mindful of his own. Of the color and style, that it didn't look too bad. Not at all to the extent of Draco, because Quinn could get his wet without panic.

Quinn isn't concerned about the dismissive tone of Draco's words, because Quinn wasn't anyone to Draco so why would any of that matter? That sort of thing probably happened often enough around Shaman to be a boring enough topic from a stranger. Why wouldn't it be? Aura had said that the last reaper hadn't done her job all that well, so the whole death thing might be more than a little messed up around here. Quinn is unphazed and debating on what he hoped to do with this meeting, this conversation with someone he had only briefly met once. There wasn't anything here, was there? I mean, sure, Draco was good looking enough, but sometimes that just wasn't enough to hold Quinn's interest.

The question had Quinn glancing over Draco's hair as if inspecting it for the smallest of flaws. Quinn wanted to poke fun at the male, but he needed it to be justified and true, so he looked more at the hair, for anything out of place, and; aha! Something was a little bit wind-ruffled, it appeared. Quinn looked back at Draco's face and gave a little shrug. "Probably a nine. Didn't see all of it before, but upon closer inspection? Yes, a nine is the best I can give for it." And he says it all in the most serious of voice, giving Draco a steady stare and waiting to see what the male would do with this information. Quinn was betting on trying to find the nearest mirror and comb; though Draco probably traveled with both.

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