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queries/observations: Breeding Bird Survey PORT CARLING, Ontario (68-052)

Queries/observations from George Bryant answered below.

Thanks for posting your results. I found them quite interesting. I have a couple of queries/observations:

There were no cormorants, Canada Goose or Cowbirds. Hooray. But no Black-throated Blue Warbler!

Answer: Right, no Black-throated Blue Warblers. I usually get at least one on this route but none this year. I am speculating that this was due to the cool wet weather in early June causing some species to nest late, maybe after a failure of a the first nesting. Here at home the resident male was quiet during that same time period but began singing again in late July.

Golden-crowned Kinglet and Northern Parula are the only species unlikely to be seen in southern Muskoka.

Answer: Agree. Both were north of Rosseau

June 28 seems awfully late. What were your date ranges?

Answer: The date range specified for this count is 05/28 to 07/07. I always run it at the same time for comparison purposes. I started doing it in late June initially because earlier I was trying to get our garden planted. But I think it was not a bad thing because from my recent experience of doing daily eBird checklists, birds sing more after their young hatch. So in mid June you get fewer birds singing than before or after.

(It would be interesting to conduct the same survey on Apr 28 and May 28 plus June 28 with good weather conditions to see how things change.)

Answer: It would be interesting but you realize that to do this count I have to leave the house at 4am to get to the first stop by the specified start time, 4:58am i.e. 1/2 hour before dawn. And you can't waste time as it has to be finished by 10am. And it would have to be done by the same person to get an accurate comparison.

Five hours to go 40 kms. allowing for 2 hour of stopping? Did you go via Raymond and Rosseau?

Answer: I see that I got my Ports mixed up in the original post. It should have said Port Sandfield not Port Sydney. 39.2km to be exact, stop one is at km zero. The count is misnamed I would say, maybe by the original counter Cliff McFadden who started the count in the late 1960s. The first stop is in Port Sandfield (not Port Carling) and goes north on Peninsula Rd to Rosseau and then north-west to Skeleton Lk on Aspdin Rd. It takes significant time to find the exact location of each stop as specified on the count data sheets. GPS data and local 911 signs and other landmarks are used. Also on these rds traffic is getting heavier every year so you have to find a safe place to park. The shoulder is too narrow in many spots now thanks to recent so called upgrades. I found you really have to hustle to get it done in 5 hrs.

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