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just a slave unto the night

Name: Harlow

Age: Adult - 5 years

Gender: Male

Appearance: Harlow is a Black Phase wolf - he is mostly black in color, though his fur is rippled with some earthy grays and browns. As he ages, his fur will continue to lighten. His eyes are a rich yellow-orange that can be described as saffron. Overall Harlow is a moderate sized wolf, averaging about 110lbs and standing at 30" tall.

Personality: A tendency towards independence and being set in his ways. He is critical and selective of those he chooses to befriend or follow and has a habit of seeing the negatives before the positives in almost any situation. Generally, he is inquisitive by nature though and enjoys the companionship of those close to him. (work in progress)

Breed: Timber Wolf

History (optional): Grew up in less than favorable conditions and has been a loner for much of his life, though not all. (work in progress, will develop more as I get a feel for him since he's a new character)

OOC: Tikki

Loyal to none Mated to none Five years of age

Played By: Tikki

images by Kati H. at &

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