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Through the looking glass

[You with those sad eyes, don't be discourage. Oh I realize it's hard to take courage.]

♓ Pieces ♓
❈ Sweet ❈ Calm ❈ Gentle ❈ Timid ❈
Adolescent || Two winters
Significant other: Looking
Best friend: Looking
Enemy: Not looking
Rank: TBD
Canadian Timber Wolf
Murina has a dark top coat that covers both her head and her upper back, going down her body she has a dark to medium colored chocolate coat. Mixed in with a few splashes of white on her hind quarters and withers. Her chest has a small spot of white that sits more right breast than center. From her front legs up to her face she has a rusted red colored coat that you can only really tell is red when you look at her in the sunlight. Despite having long legs Murina tends to be on the smaller side of wolves. Her eyes are the standard hazel with flecks of black in them.
Special Effects:
Special Marks/Scars:
She has claw marks down her body in certain places due to the abuse she got as a pup.
Murina is a shy timid creature that came from an abusive background. Her father (Ragnar) was a rogue. She shies away from others touch and stutters when she does speak. If any loud noises happen unexpectedly she'll break out into tears and hide. She doesn't like to be snuck up on mainly because she has a weak heart. So naturally she tends to keep to herself and talks very quietly when she does speak to others. When she's angry her voice gets squeaky and she tends to not let things get her angry. When she is confronted about her stutter she tends to stop speaking and won't speak again for what seems like days because she doesn't want to bother anyone with her stutter.

Murina’s father was kicked out of the pack for being abusive towards the females. Managing to get one pregnant and the female only ended up having the one pup, little murina. One day he came back and terrorized the female until finally the alpha stepped in to stop it, only her father said he’d never leave them alone until he got his pup. So the alpha not wanting to have anymore trouble gave Murina to her father. Day after day he beat her and tried to make her tough, only it just caused her to hide inside of her tiny shell more. She’d whimper and tried to hide from him, but he didn’t care, he’d find her anyway and when he did find her punishments would be worse. After a while she became nothing but skin and bones. He barely let her eat and very rarely let her drink water. One day while traveling Murina collapsed, her father smirked and told her that she better get up of he was leaving her to die. Being weak from lack of food and water she couldn’t move she could barely budge. So he left her to die in the woods. As days past she waited to die, Until a bobcat found her. The cat smirked at an easy meal to feed her kits, until she saw how broken and hurt the small wolf female was. Quickly the bobcat hunted for something for the wolf to eat and she caught a rabbit in short time. Taking it to the wolf she then took off to find another meal for her kits. The next day she came back and noticed the wolf had eaten the rabbit, but still hadn’t moved from the spot she was lying at. The bobcat took off once more and found something to carry water in for the pup and left it near her. For almost a week the bobcat cared for the small pup until she was strong enough to get up on her own. With that the bobcat took her to her den and began to mother the shy would, teaching her to hunt and fend for herself.
Murina grew as she continued to be mothered by the bobcat, her twin kits quickly becoming like sibling to the young female, but she was still shy and didn’t really talk, though she knew how. Finally one day the female kit told her she wouldn’t play until Murina spoke to her. Murina sighed and did what she was asked, though she could barely get one word out before she broke into tears and ran off because of her stutter. She hid in the woods for days until the mother came to find her and told her she didn’t have to speak unless she really needed too. She went back home and the kits acted like nothing had happened which made Murina feel less skittish about being near them. As she came closer to her second birthday she noticed she was getting too big for the little cave and managed to then the bobcats for rescuing and saving her life, but it was time to move on. So she set off to find a place to live and call home, only she’s to afraid to ask to join any of the current Alpha. Maybe one will ask her instead!
Favorite Food:
She like to have rabbit, mainly because it’s a leaner meat.
Favorite Plant:
She likes Lilac bushes because they smell sweet and make her smell sweet as well.
Theme Song: True colors
OOC: Rini

[Show me a smile then, don't be unhappy, can't remember when I last saw you laughing.]

{Murina || Female|| No mates || No friends || No home}

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