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A Promise Was Made

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Despite all of her attempts to hold back her tears, they shone brightly upon her beautiful face, and just as she looked up at her they slowly began to roll down her face. Drizzt whimpered and took a hesitant stop toward her, but just one. His appearance had entirely changed and his own father would not recognize him. Gone were his unique vibrant lavenders that had always separated him from being Aindreas' doppelgänger. Instead, they had been replaced with his father's own orbs. With Adara's own orbs... with his grandfather's own orbs... and he had no reason that could explain why. If over the years as he aged and his pools had slowly changed colors, he could accept it. Nearly all pup's eyes changed as they grew.. but this sudden and painful change? It was... something different all together. And then there was his pelt - the snowy hairs of his coat that he had inherited from Aindreas had been permanently stained by his own blood, and now was a smooth and shiny cream based pelt. His hairs were marred... and as described, the entirety of his persona and image was changed. And yet Motionless seems to have no difficulties acknowledging him and recognizing him.

'Drizzt? But . . . You're not you. Well, I mean, of course you're you, but you don't look like you. We need to talk. If you think I'm a monster, I understand. I don't blame you. For a while I did too. But Drizzt, he hurt me in ways I never thought were imaginable. I was raped. Beaten. Bloodied. Bruised. He cheated on me left and right with anyone who gave me the time of day. I wouldve let him go, I tried to. That's why I came here - But he tracked me down. He found me here, in Blossom. He tried to kill me and would've succeeded had I not took action. I thought you should know that I haven't always been what you think of me as. I wanted you to know the truth. If you chose to stay by me then, do so. If not, then you don't have to come back for me. I can't do anymore of this in between anymore, Drizzt. I love you, but this isn't right.'

Drizzt opened his maw to speak but then swiftly closed it again. Where to start? His biggest fear was how to convince Motionless that he was in fact himself. He had thought about sharing details about times they had spent together in order to prove that he was him. Like how they had first met in the Cavern of Secrets and comforted each other. Or about how she had not only found out where his father moved to but had brought him safely there. He would have talked to her about the hunt that he joined her pack on. But apparently none of those tales were needed - she knew who she was immediately, even though Drizzt could not figure out how. Nor could he explain the change to Motionless... but by the way that she said everything, the change in his appearance appeared to be the least of her concerns.

Instead she reexplained herself - why she had done what she had done. That he had tracked her down and come to Blossom Forest - she had not in fact dragged him into Blossom Forest herself. But what Drizzt focused on more was instead her confession of her emotions. The one hessian had never thought of her as a family member - nothing as awkward as a sister or maternal figure. Instead he had always thought of her as his closest friend. To be fair, she had been his first friend and perhaps one of his only friends. But love? She was older than he was, not just by a little, but by a lot. He had had emotions for her since the beginning - like a crush of a schoolboy upon his teacher - but she had watched him grow, her entire time as an adult as he transitioned from pup to teenager. Drizzt had thought that one day he would fall for her... but now... now everything was different. Whether it was because of the corpse, or because of his change... his heart and soul felt different. The cream colored titan could feel the dulling of his emotions as he looked at her... and then he caught her drift. Caught the drift of her words. If his feelings did not match hers... he was to leave. He would have to leave Malignant Felicity. Once again, he would be homeless. Drizzt slowly shook his head and looked at her - he did not know what to say.

"I... I'm sorry. I love you as my friend but... but I can't as anything more Motionless. My heart... my... I have a Soulmate out there. And you aren't... her..."

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
||Drizzt|| ||Belongs to the Sun|| ||Malignant Felicity Spring Grounds Nowhere|| ||Teen||

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