Big court hearing on Laca Court August 15th @ 6pm

The final sticking point to getting the Laca court approved is a "vacated right of way issue" that has stopped the construction of the court and the
neighbors ability to build a driveway next door.

Since July 5, 1910 - yes...over 107 years ago, there as been vacated right-of-way issue that has a "Beach Boulevard" running between Laca's and his neighbor. This has prevented the final survey from getting turned in by Anthony Sutton and Associates. For those that have been there, there is obliviously no parkway running along their properties. Laca's neighbor Karen has plans to build a few houses on the adjacent property that has been mostly vacant and has been unable to move forward with her plans. The property is where Pam Am Airlines was actually founded and the ten acres makes it the largest undeveloped waterfront property now in Pinellas County.

On Thursday, August 10th inspectors from the county will be on the property checking things out first.

Former Mayor Bill Foster is representing Laca and his neighbor as they go in front of the Pinellas County commission next Tuesday at 6pm.

This long adventure has dragged on for 1 1/2 years all because some jerk in the clerks office 107-years ago never removed this vacated right of way nonsense from the books. We will post a story on the home page with documents to see this - later this week. Approval is not 100% guaranteed and anymore delays is putting a strain on the "statue of limitations" on rather this project is feasible at this point or not.....

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