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Name: Alpine
Age (pup, teen, adult): adult
Gender: female
Appearance (include at the minimum coat and eye color): Average build, long legs, muscular. Silver coat with black throughout, almost like a 'dappled' horse. Eyes are an amber-brown almost like a gradient.
Personality: Kind and curious, Alpine won't start a fight herself. However, if challenged she will gladly put a few scars on a wolf's pelt. When it comes to certain achievements, Alpine can be quite prideful. She can be a delinquent when it comes to taking orders, but she knows when she has to back down. If it comes to her life or another's, she's likely to give hers up. If the other wolf seems worthy enough. Alpine is very persuasive and observant, but has an odd way of communicating due to her history.
Breed: grey wolf
History (optional): Alpine didn't grow up near many wolves due to her parents being without a pack. With this reasoning, Alpine didn't learn a whole lot about communicating with body language. she won't say anything more about her parents other than: They're gone.
OOC: Sapphire

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