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Although I don't wear gear, I blame the raw guys for the very petty shit

Take for instance Lillebridge getting called out for an Under Armour shirt. You have to figure that came from some raw shithead who has like a 205lb max bench. Now if HE was to wear an under armour shirt he might be able to hit 215lb, a ~5% improvement. What these assholes don't realize is that when you're dealing with people who are actually strong, little shit like that basically has no effect. It doesn't even register with what Lillebridge can actually do.

But you can't tell pricks anything, even if you break it down for them with science and physics. They've had some RAW/CrossFit guru mindfuck them with some dumb shit and now they're the end all, be all oracle of strength training with their whopping 210lb benches and 315lbs DEEEEEEP squats


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