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Re(4): Coker and others that do big weight cuts?

Carbs will contribute to water retention, but not as much as water retention in the colon from feces and fiber associated with feces. A 240 lb man can literally have 4 to 5 lbs of shit in their colon. A guy my size, hell I'm carrying around a the quivelent of a quarter of a midget up my ass.

Switching to lower residue carbohydrate sources will clear out the colon (if done correctly with large volumes of water). This is done several days before weighins.

Glycogen depletion doesn't have to be over days. A 24 hour fast at the most is sufficient. If you are superhydrating adequately and suppressing ADH, then simply fasting after a week of low residue carbs will be the same as a week of torture with a zero carb diet.

The big difference is the rehydration phase on low residue vs zero carb. People do this to lift the most weight possible. A complete total body carb depletion is not needed and it will lead to a slower rehydration because the body is scrambling to replace lost glycogen AND fluids. That is where people just screw up. They then load their rehydration phase with salt and fat, thinking that will help when it just messes up GI absorption.

The key to a great cut is to manipulate the water, rehydrate faster, and come into the meet stronger. This is also the same with MMA and Boxers (I work with a couple of those and with USAPL lifters with a 2 hour weighin. I've helped a 135 lb woman rehydrate 8 lbs in an hour and a half without IV's. The physiology is the same for everyone.

The other added plus of low residue carbs is you are much less likely to shit yourself after the refeed and during the meet.


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