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Hampton Beach Casino - August 10, 2017

Hampton Beach Casino - August 10, 2017

Across from the North Atlantic, lies Hampton Beach Casino - which is not really a casino but an entertainment venue since 1899 and the heart of the Casino Boardwalk. Last night once again they hosted The Beach Boys. I took two of my kids. One saw them on my lap at 18 months and the other was 5 at the time. It was their turn to go as their older brother has seen them (and Brian Wilson) with me in Hampton. It was high time they saw them again.

Pre-show - we had dinner at one of the great places on the famous Hampton Beach boardwalk beginning a special night. The tickets said 8:00 but I guess I was not paying much attention, that the show was moved up to 7:30 as we lolly-gagged getting there and were tardy hearing the first notes to Surfin’ Safari as security was stealing my water bottle. (Yes, I tried to sneak it in…)

The setlist from BB sound pro John Bracken…Many thanks!

Surfin’ Safari
Catch A Wave
Little Honda
Do It Again
Surfin’ Safari

Surfer Girl
Getcha Back

Why Do Fools Fall in Love
When I Grow Up To Be a Man

You’re So Good To Me
Kiss Me Baby
Then I Kissed Her
Dance, Dance, Dance

Be True to Your School
Ballad of Ole Betsy
Don’t Worry Baby

Little Deuce Coupe-my "baby" used to call this "Little 2 Scoops" - as in ice cream!

Shut Down
I Get Around


California Dreamin’

California Girls - New Hampshire and Massachusetts Girls

Sloop John B
Wouldn’t It Be Nice

Disney Girls
I Can Hear Music

God Only Knows - Carl on lead - My middle son and I danced the Mother-Son at his wedding to Paul McCartney’s favorite song.

Pisces Brothers - Last night I paid attention to what impressed my boys and whether they knew their BB lyrics. (Yes, their teacher-mom was giving them a test!) One goes to a mix of country and classic rock and roll including The Stones - so he is pretty in the loop. He was really taken aback with The Beatles' footage incorporated in the background video. They got a crash course on the 60’s music scene.

Summer in Paradise

Sail on Sailor - John Cowsill

Do You Wanna Dance? Dennis Wilson - some newer old black and white footage - excellent!

Rock and Roll Music

Help Me Rhonda! Yeah! - my boys know those words!

Kokomo - and these ones! My guys are all Full House era! Yes, they were looking to see Mr. Stamos! And Mrs. Jacquie Love was on hand to dance. And, BB woodwind/brass Randy Leago - Bravo!

Good Vibrations - at Hampton Beach Casino!

Wild Honey - Mr. Cowsill - on lead!

Barbara Ann - with the Hampton Beach Barbara Ann dancers - under the tutelage of the lovely Tara.

Fun, Fun, Fun

This Wild Honey year I had caught online, some of the updated extraordinary video and stills incorporated - animated - Disney-style Pet Sounds graphics with BB photos from 1966-7 incorporated into the video loop. The live combo is unbeatable.

We see the musicians onstage, but sometimes enough credit is not given to the guys who do the sound, the video effects and the guitar tech stuff. Back-in-the-day you’d see Carl changing out a broken guitar string, while Mike kept the show going until the quick repair was done.

The smallest detail with the show lighting- including the honeycomb shaped lighting effects - even Carl’s “blues" for God Only Knows had that hexagonal shape - keeping the fidelity of the Wild Honey tribute year.

My “critics" told me that it was the best live show they had ever seen. These BB brainwashed kids of mine - see other live concerts all the time. I think they were taken by how many young people their age (they shockingly ran into some of their friends, who were former students of mine) and that the music was not just their mom’s generation. Maybe the video of those old familiar album covers helps bridge the generation gap and make it relevant to younger kids…

Whatever it is - it just works!

Hampton Beach just loved The Beach Boys! And so did My Boys!


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