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love is a gentle dove's wing

Name: Lovella
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Appearance: Lovella's base coat is a soft cream color that is mainly coated over the top by rust and tawny hues, giving her coat a washed out orange look, though this cream colors her face (the undersides of her muzzle and her cheeks too), before darkening back to this faded orange at her ears, forming a vaguely heart shaped facial mask. Some flecks of this tawny-rust "orange" are present within the facial mask, below her eyes and at her cheeks, to almost make it look as though she were blushing. (her coat looks mainly like this:
Personality: Altruistic, kind, and gentle, she can be a little shy, though she truly just wants to make the world a better place.
Breed: Red Wolf
History (optional): Raised in seclusion by two loving parents, you can say she was sheltered. Knowing nothing of the dangers of outside life or what venturing outside may even mean.
OOC: Foxy

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