fire dept practice.

Great fire practice last night. We volunteered for another 3 hours for our community. Hope some of the town councilors volunteer to do the same to raise money and ideas for the new Spafford sign. lets see who put in their own money? This sign should cost us nothing if we play our cards right. Lets see how Luke does this. He didnt want to do it and cried he didnt know anything about doing such a job. Wow. So I will give him a chance since he and Chris didnt give others a chance to be councilor. Talk about stereotyping, racism and hate in the parties. But he was first to say a political degree was paramount to the job of councilor.

Next. We weeded the firehouse to make it look good. Hope Luke or Chris can do the weeds at the front of the Town Hall. I'd do it if i was council person. time to get dirty.

Cant wait to see his design and cost plans.


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