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Veiled in black

Name: Noctis
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Appearance: Lithe and athletic, he has a coat of black fur, though in some places here and there, the hairs are more of a smokey gray. A scattering of small white flecks mark his paws up to the mid-leg, his tail, spine and face, making him look like he's flecked in stars. His eyes are a dark sapphire blue with specks of carmine in them - like red fireflies in a dark sky.
Personality: noctis is inherently and predominantly shy, but hides it by putting up a cool, indifferent facade to the strangers around him, and can be prone to acting tougher than he is, or whatever he feels is needed in order to not let down anyone who gets close to him. He can be prone to recklessness when in a mood, and can be rebellious if he feels too tightly chained down in rules.
Breed: alexander archipelago wolf
History (optional): Grew up in a pack that thought themselves royalty amongst all other packs, and vacated when he became of age, wanting nothing to do with all of the heavy burdens that would become him as the alpha's heir.
OOC: Foxy

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