Re(3): volunteering and highway

Twisted? Explain more. Who is Dave? Thought we where talking about the good old boy comparisons and the highway issues.

Didn't confront you. I was at the park explaining why I have to fix the pump when I resigned and briefed the board of the status of the park. Lou didn't tell anyone, perhaps he told Mary or Chris, that they had no water. I volunteered to fix it. Then you came to th park. I said I I found it funny that after all the talk about the good old boys that the new people where not any better. So why all the hate that they started. So. why did I have to fix it? They where just going to,let it say broke. What does that say? Hot and cold? Yes. We can't pay more in local taxes for local services but we can buy a fully loaded, 500 grams of co2 per mile vehicle with high maintenance costs and don't think twice about it. We get what we deserve. Twist this now. PS. The town is looking for a volunteer to prep the park. Any volunteers?

Joe Vecchio


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