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The Wanderer

Name: Kori

Age: Teen

Gender: Female

Appearance: Kori has russet fur with flecks of darker brown/black/gray; in the sunlight it also seems to shimmer with gold (blonde) as well. She has accents of white on the bottom of her snout, across her chest, and on the inside of her legs. Her eyes are a rich amber color with webs of darker, almost chocolate, brown among them. Build wise she is slightly larger than average but lean with taut, strong muscles due to her upbringing.

Personality: Due to her history, Kori tends to keep to herself- often being described as stoic and independent. She is weary to trust others but seeks a sense of belonging. Once she finds someone she is comfortable with though, she is very loyal and will do anything for them/to defend them. She is very resourceful, quick-minded, and a proven/accomplished warrior.

Breed: Red Wolf

History: Kori was abandoned as a pup for reasons unbeknownst to her. She spent most of her early years by herself surviving on natural instinct. Then, on a crisp winter morning, a pack led by an Alpha named Cassius found her and took her in. Cassius was the one to give her the name Kori since she did not know hers. Cassius, despite having children of his own, kept a close eye on Kori often acting as a parental role to her. He helped teach her the ways of pack living and how to be a skilled fighter/defender. A skill much required of her due to the pack living in the north among the mountains a snow and her being in such high contrast to the environment unlike everyone else.

Kori was grateful for the pack taking her in. However, she always knew that she would never truly be accepted as one of them as an outsider. As she grew older, she began to question Cassius more and more. Her conflict between her loyalty to Cassius and her distrust of him tore her apart and as a result she tended to isolate herself more and more from the pack. She still remained with them though not seeing any other option.

As she grew in rank among the pack, she saw how Cassius conducted business and how he treated the other females, especially his mate(s). One day, [triggered by some event TBD] Kori decides to take action and stand up against him. In her rage, she kills Cassius and upon realizing what she has done, instantly starts running. The pack chases after her looking to punish her. She eventually loses them though but continues to move afraid to be in a spot too long. Eventually, she stumbles upon Blossom Forest; a land full of wolves that she sees similar to herself- a land of misfits. But has Kori escaped her past, or will it catch up to her?

OOC: EBster

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