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People Often Say . . .
I'm A Weirdo, I'm A Freak

Name: Sylar
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Appearance: Sylar is very large and very unique in appearance. His pelt is always long and soft, a snow white being the main base color. Black brindles his up all four of his pillars like leggings. He has black lines down his face right near his emerald green orbs and then a black spot about them. The tips of his ears are dipped in gray and black that fades back to his white pelt.
Personality: Oh, ho ho, don't let this pretty boy fool you. He's a dangerous thing and a ticking time bomb for almost everyone around him. He has no fear and is always blunt with anyone he speaks to. He's learned not to hold his tongue anymore, so he may come off at first as rude. He doesn't look to please anyone anymore and doesn't care much for those who don't like him. He's a fighter with a strong will, and a loyal heart behind his walls he put up.
History: He was raised as an outsider and never found a way to fit in. He would always be left out and always be set aside for the next best thing. No matter how hard he tried to please others he was never good enough, so he stopped trying and did his own thing. He became a wanderer and grew up on his own, constantly on the move. He's never found a wolf he could truly see as good company.
Breed: Arctic x Dire Wolf

"I dont care what other people say."
I'm A Loner, I'm A Creep
But They Don't Even Know My Name!


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