Miami Jai-alai tryout September 8th/Could anyone on our roster be added?

There will be another tryout to be on the Miami Jai-alai roster for the 2018 season. The tryout will be at Miami Jai-alai, September 8th.

Already, NJAA star player Julio has made the roster from an earlier tryout in front of Arra at the Ft. Piece fronton.

Is there anybody on the NJAA roster that would qualify?

Lets take a look and review:

Rocco - already played this season on the Ft. Piece roster (and Orlando and Dania a few years ago). Has good job a the Hard Rock in Tampa and can't lose that.

Belota - already played this season at Ft. Piece (and a few years ago at Orlando), but he too has a good job in the banking industry and can't give that up.

Anthony - perhaps the best amateur player ever in the USA, he too has a good job (perhaps designing and building the Laca court?) and is currently on the DL.

Scott King - played pro in Tampa for nearly 15 years in the 80s and early 90s against some of the greatest players of all time. Won the NJAA title last year and can still play the game. Did play one season in Orlando several years ago, but has no desire to play pro again - he has a very successful construction business to run.

Ricky - another ex-pro who played in Tampa in the 90s. Still a top notch player with a great serve, he might be the best candidate. He has not played much lately (on the DL and dealing with family member health issues) but he might want to make that trip down there if he can.

Brodie - former national amateur champion, he is easily going to win the NJAA rookie of the year award. He has all the tools, but went a long time without playing, and he too, has a good job with Majestic - the makers of pro jerseys.

Rule - a top NJAA player, Rule does not have enough experience needed on a pro court and does not throw hard enough. But nobody can challenge him in a catching contest.

Eric L - Win a .430 winning percentage, this former college football star is enjoying his best season. But he has little pro court experience and he too, has a good job in the construction business.

Chris - another possible player for Miami, but has not played much on a pro court lately. Improved greatly in the past few years once the lacrosse ball was dumped for the Matt ball, proving he is a solid player. Has jai-alai blood in his system, but he too has a job he can't walk away from.

George - another good player, but he does not play enough but certainly good make the roster if he had the time. He too has a good job, and works for one of the biggest companies in the state and could never give that up.

Castanos - The godfather of Puryear Park, Paul does not have the experience on a pro court, and he too is busy with work.

Daniel - the former star player of Tampa and Miami, he has won two triple crowns in Tampa and has a bobblehead made after him in Miami. But his pro days are behind him and enjoys playing leisurely on our court and has a fulltime job protecting you and me from the bad guys out there.

If I'm missing anybody, let me know and I will add it to the story!


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