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I'm your bad luck charm

Name: Qrow
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Appearance: A dark midnight black, uninterrupted, save for a faint whispering of white tipped hair at the ruff/mane. Pale crimson eyes.
Personality: Qrow is rude, blunt, cynical, sometimes sarcastic and can be foul-mouthed, as well as cool-headed and nonchalant. He tends to be disrespectful of those out of his inner circle, and is often brazen and ill-mannered enough to take things too far in order to humiliate someone if he dislikes them enough. He can also be quite cocky, though he is also capable of being immature and mischievous, when he's in the right (or wrong) mood.
Breed: Gray wolf
History (optional): Mainly raised by himself, and has learned the hard way not to rely on others if he can at all help such.
OOC: Foxy

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