-- so baby pull me closer - " />
-- so baby pull me closer

Ithiel had foregone the idea of a handshake, simply because it seemed to formal for the message that They wished to convey here. Formal was not where Ithiel wanted to go, so instead a polite dip of the head was given when Caldera said she was Cal and introduced Buddy. The whole thing was strange for Ithiel simply because being near Buddy somehow made Ithiel feel more at home -- none of it seemed odd to Ithiel, not the blue stripes nor the electricity crackling; none of that, for Ithiel had been a purpley-blue and around enough other strange equines that this was more comforting to be around than a normal horse anymore -- and yet Buddy did not seem all too thrilled to meet Ithiel. Suspicious, even.

Which honestly Ithiel couldn't blame him for. Ithy wished things were different, that this wasn't how everything had to be, but there was no escaping the price for finding Their twin. It was a heavy weight upon Ithiel, but it needed to be carried. Ithiel couldn't fathom walking away from a chance like this. And yes, Caldera was a whole lot of odd compared to all the fae here, but Ithiel had lived a large portion of life around out of this world type equines, so they were all a little strange to Ithiel. Perhaps a large reason as to why Ithiel hadn't been able to feel actual attraction to anyone yet. Which might be funny, considering the line of work that Ithiel was in, but feeling less made it easier, somehow.

Or that was what Ithiel figured made it easier. They had felt something long ago in another world and had been trying to replace that feeling ever since. None of it had worked, but Ithiel kept going anyway. This was the life that Ithiel knew now. It worked, so why think of changing it? Still, the red hair and eyes of Caldera were pretty enough, and the claws seemed less out of place to Ithy than one might imagine. The tail wasn't even seen in an odd way, though if there were to be honesty here, Ithiel was probably more prone to checking out Buddy's tail and giving it approving comments. Being Ithiel was confusing even for Ithy, but They rolled with it and tried to look for the silver linings in it all.

The laugh and back slap made Ithiel blink, as did the words spoken, but Ithiel was okay with the idea that a drink first was the way of it. That, Ithiel could do. Ithy was about to say that idea worked for Them when Buddy spoke up about not drinking while on duty -- was that equine trying to cockblock him? -- but he didn't have a moment to comment before Caldera was saying that she was off duty in thirty minutes. Ithiel beamed at her. "Drinks in thirty minutes or so; can do." Ithiel responded, and at the question of anything else that she could help Them with, Ithiel nodded. "Oh, right. Could you point me in the direction of the kitchen? I have to get a list of crops they want me to get them." Ithiel added cheerfully.

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