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This post contains awkward adolescence attraction. ;)


Olive startled at the voice behind her, whirling around. Danny stood behind her, head cocked to the side and a curious frown on his face. Olive tried her hardest to hide her guilty expression, holding her hands behind her back as she forced the tiny bit of gold she'd been trying her best to shape into a key to return to its original form as a ring around her left forefinger.

"I... um... I think I got a bit turned around," she said, wincing at her own ineptitude. She was no spy, damn him! Danny didn't seem upset, though, just... concerned?

"That's... that was Thoth's workshop. No one's been able to get in since..." he cleared his throat in an obvious attempt to shake off his own emotions. He took a step nearer to her, casting a cautious glance over his shoulder before lowering his voice. "Were you sent? Did... did Cypress, maybe...?"

Olive frowned at him, a genuine frown of confusion. Cypress? What did she have to do with anything? She shook her head. "No," at his look of disappointment she reached out, giving his shoulder a friendly squeeze. "I'm sorry."

Lightning quick - far faster than she could have possibly expected from the kind-hearted boy - Danny had grabbed her hand and shoved back the sleeve of her shirt, revealing a bruise on her wrist she hadn't even noticed. Probably earned during the struggle against the man in the dark, in those final awful moments when she'd thought she was dying. Her eyes widened, her pulse thumping dully in her head again at the memory. Danny's eyes narrowed, searching her face. All at once she felt a warmth spread through her, her heartbeat levelling off and the panic and fear ebbing. She felt calm and safe for the first time since the early hours of the morning; the sudden release of tension was so strong and abrupt that it left her breathless.

"I thought something was wrong," he said, having the audacity to sound a bit smug. He pressed his fingers to the bruise; his magic flooded the area, the sensation reminding her heavily of mint - cool and sweet at the same time. He reached up and gave her scarf a playful tug. "Isn't it a bit hot for that yet? You don't want to get overheated."

"For someone terrified of girls, you're being awfully familiar you know," Olive shot back. She winced immediately, her tone had been harsher than she intended. His eyes narrowed, she tried to make her own do the same. They stood in silence, glaring at each other. And then before she could react, he'd reached up and yanked the scarf; she made a worried noise in her throat, but it was drowned out by Danny's emphatic swear at the sight of the bright purple and black bruises.

"What the hell-?!"

"SHHH!" Olive yanked him into the nearest empty room, wrapping her arms around herself as she shook.

"What the hell happened to you, Oli?" he asked in a heated whisper, his grip gentle on her wrist as he tugged her towards the nearest chair. She sat obediently, a bit surprised by his behavior. She found herself blinking up at him - he was a few inches shorter than herself, so it was a new sensation. Had he gotten taller? She swallowed hard, feeling her pulse flutter a bit as he gently unwound her scarf and set it aside. He stood close, his hands resting softly at either side of her throat. Could he feel her heartbeat? Wait, why was that a bad thing? Her eyes were wide, gaping upwards into his blue-green ones; they had a dreamy tinge, the way they usually did when he was focused on something. The cooling sensation slid across her throat, like a...

WOAH. She tried to jerk back, felt his fingertips increase their pressure just a tad to hold her still. His slightly unfocused gaze slid over her face. A clean, minty sort of smell wafted from his clothing, a smell that had become quite familiar in the months leading up to Effie's birth. Had she missed it? Wait, wait, what was WITH this train of thought?

"You can talk, you know," he said, his voice smooth and slow. "Should be a bit easier now."

"Ah. Um." What was she supposed to be talking about again? His expression tensed, shifted into a concerned frown. His brow furrowed. Her mouth went dry.

"You have more bruising," he said distractedly. Before either of them thought, his hand settled on her ribs, just below... She froze, staring at him. He went still too, staring at her. His jaw clenched, his Adam's apple bobbing as he swallowed. His gaze abruptly came back into focus, his entire face turning red. He blushed from the tips of his ears to the base of his throat, his face painfully red. She felt her own face grow hot, gave a slightly awkward giggle that grew despite her at the slightly pained expression on his face. The healing on her ribs was much faster, as if he was rushing it, and he yanked his hands away as if he'd been burned as soon as it was done.

"Ummm... uh...." He stepped back from her, his hands lifting and falling as if he suddenly wasn't sure what to do with them.

"Thank you," she said, clearing her throat and dropping her gaze to his shoes.

"Y-yeah, man, no problem," Danny said. Did I just call her man? He groaned internally. He ran his hands through his hair, plopped down into another chair. "A-Anyways, you wanna tell me what all that was about?"

Olive hesitated, slid her tongue along her lips. Focus, Oli! FOCUS. This is for Alder! She sat up straighter in the chair, her resolve hardening. She studied Danny hard, unaware of the fact he was squirming internally with each passing second. Danny knew the Castle better than anyone else she knew and was among the only people she trusted in Shaman. If she couldn't tell him... Her gaze slid away, her breath shaky.

"Last night..."


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