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oor Webmaister

Re(2): Let people see the posts in messageboard.

Hi Webmaister

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Obviously I was wrong in believing that someone had to join the MB in order to post and that it would stop the bots, but I do see the difficulty for the adminstrators in trying to establish if a new member is genuine or not. Even banning Hotmail/Gmail/Ymail addresses for new MB members is no guarantee that smut and adverts will not filter through.

It's such a pity that there were a lot of great posts in the MB that ordinary decent folk on the internet would never be able to see because of a few numpties.

Perhaps one of your MB members could take up the challenge of creating an e-Book (or volumes of e-Books) showcasing some of the best of the MB - the patter, the stories, the drawings and the photographs, before it's all lost. It would be a nice little earner for GlescaPals. You could self publish these e-Books on Smashwords.

I know - it would be a time-consuming massive task to sift through thousands of posts, but it's sad that only 1,292 individuals can see these posts, (according to your MB total members figure, 30 August 2017).

Personally, I detest Facebook but I recognise that times change. In all probability, the GlescaPals find Facebook much easier to use and share.

All the best

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