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now the water is g o l d

Pansexual, polygamous
Come from dead parents, her mother was “Gaia” or from the earth her father was “Dezba” nicknamed the one who went to war
She's far too young for pups
Best friend:
She currently doesn't have one but is always looking for friends
Duma - for sending the wolf who killed her parents
In her homeland, she would not have inherited a rank nor would she have been high in any rank, currently not in a pack
Arcus Irae
Eye color:
Her eyes are a light mint color with gold flecks in them
Pelt color:
Nyla is tie dyed with several different colors, her body makes up of pastel pink mostly but she has speckles of gold spotting her torso, legs and tail making it look like the gods flicked spots of gold when making her, her face has stripes of soft lilac mixed in with her pastel pink fur. While her paws are a full gold color like the gods dipped her paws in pure gold as is the tip of tail, ears and muzzle and it's got the shine of actual gold too, everywhere that looks like gold at least. Some of the soft lilac stripes also run down her entire neck and some running into her chest
Special Skills:
She's really good about being everyone's friends and really innocent
Nyla, much like the Arcus Irae, is very friendly, she loves everyone and everything. But she can get jealous and can get very angry when things don't necessarily go her way. She's quick to judge a situation even through her innocence, making quick to try to diffuse a situation be it bad, if she can't, she flees as much like her species it causes her so much discomfort to the point of crying sometimes. She loves to bring joy to others and will do what is necessary for it. She's also very smart in the sense of reading situations and telling what others are feeling in the moment, Nyla takes a bit of pride in herself
Body Type:
Small and semi fragile
Wolves who are sad, she wants to make them happy
When her mother, Gaia had her: she was overjoyed even though it was a horrible time to have a pup seen as what had happened in the homeland of the Arcus Irae. As she got older she realized what a horrible time it was and even got mad at her mother because how could she have a pup in the middle of all that? Her father, Dezba, even was joyful that he had a daughter or “his little princess” as he called her. And in their little corner of the Kingdom, they watched the royal family from afar, Nyla always wishing it was her. When Duma turned against them and sent his followers to round them all up, her parents were killed when they wouldn't give up where Nyla was. When they did find her, they put her with the others and from there she searched for an escape until one night she found on and took it to her leisure. Now she's here in Blossom just for a new start.
Flaw: She's has a bit of a stutter when she gets overly excited or overwhelmed or nervous
Nyla loves to eat berries and she also loves certain meats because they're more tender. And she loves honeysuckles

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