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behind darkness, beneath candles

❝thє shσrtєst dístαncє вєtwєєn twσ pσínts . . .❞

Name: Losa
(heartname: Rionnag Air Imrich - "The Wandering Star," or the Dawnfire Princess)

Age: teen

Gender: female

Appearance: Losa's eyes are a stunning deep violet, with a ring of heaven blue around her left iris - a mark of luck. Like all Arcus Irae, Losa is a daughter of the rainbow. She wears dark stockings of cobalt and amethyst that reach all the way to her elbows and knees, swirling like the night sky. These shades blend into the softest hues of early morning: cotton candy pinks and butter yellows, pallid lavenders and delicate blues. She is a pastel unicorn child with eyes of midnight.

Personality: Despite an appearance like that of a harmless sugary confection, Losa is cuttingly intelligent and terrifyingly ruthless - especially concerning the wellbeing of her precious younger sister. A royal upbringing has chained her with impeccable manners and swanlike poise . . . yet no amount of training could possibly crush the Dawnfire’s comet soul. She might present herself as coy, reserved, shy, but inside she is burning against her restraints. The wild spirit her surroundings tamed to be a Queen finds other ways to present itself, usually in explosive snaps of temper or half-mad dashes to freedom. Behind her carefully serious mask she is restless. Her supernova heart is capable of vast unconditional love, but with so few opportunities to express it, much of that adoration is piled with sometimes suffocating weight onto little Zawyne. Losa does not feel comfortable interacting one-on-one for long periods of time with strangers and quickly becomes anxious and flustered, which she struggles to suppress with either icy royal decorum or outright rude outbursts. If pressed, Losa reveals herself to be rather socially inept: a truly vulnerable heart protected by machine guns and knives.

Breed: Arcus Irae

Biography: As the First Born of the first surviving litter of the King and Queen, Losa was destined to rule after her parents stepped down. As soon as she was born, five guards were assigned to protect her: the Five, consisting of her beloved Hurricane and the mysterious, bewitching Duma . . . the Tempest who, upon Losa’s reaching marriageable age, became dangerously corrupted. Against nearly impossible odds, Losa proved to be Duma’s Soulmate - the one he was destined to love and the only one he would ever be able to mate with. Duma immediately demanded his right to claim his bride - and his crown - despite Losa’s withheld consent. Her heart belonged completely to Hurricane, and she could not imagine a life ruling by Duma’s side instead. After enduring torture by Duma, one of the guards she’d grown up with, Losa escaped with her sister and a few other Arcus Irae younglings fortunate enough to escape the brutal new rule of Duma and his minions.

Puppeteer: xathira

❝ís thє línє frσm mє tσ чσu!❞

⦊⦊ the undercover princess | sister to Zawyne | heartbroken | without a nest | xathira ⦉⦉

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