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SomewhereOver the Rainbow

 photo Zawyne2.png

Name: Zawyne (Zuh-VEEN). Her royal name is Weargraede Maedwe (Vay-AIR-gray-day MAID-vay), which means “Fire Meadow”
Age: Pup

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight, Monogamous

Species: Arcus Irae, or “Rainbow”

Eyes:Her left eye is purple and her right eye is a bright orange.

Pelt:Behind her left elbow there is a bright orange spot, and from that beams a radiant ombre colored as the brightest of sunrises. Oranges and yellows are the first to stem off from above her heart, which melds eventually into beautiful blues and purples. Throughout her pelt are what appear to be clouds - areas within each color scheme that are lighter in tone.

Description: She is petite and light. As an adult: she is only 24” at the shoulder and 33” in length. She weighs a light 31#

Personality: Zawyne was always a rebel as a Princess, never wanting to be surrounded by guards or be kept safe, and tried as much as possible to follow in her big sister’s pawsteps. As such, she is very independent but does not see herself as someone important. Rather, she thinks that the life of one wolf is the same as any other and does not believe that the royalty within her line makes her special. However, she also believes that their heritage and lore is very important and took her job as the apprentice lorer very seriously. She does not stand for anyone to use the gods’ names in any fashion other than reverently. Zawyne overall is very kind and sweet to those in need while being standoffish or straight up ignores anyone who is prissy or self-important. Because of all of this, the common folk always loved her for her kindness and generosity

Biography: Zawyne was one of two daughters of the King and Queen of their land. She is younger than her sister Losa, and always looked up to her. She had three or four guards, but they were all murdered when one of Losa’s guards decided to claim all of the rainbows for himself. Zawyne had taken it upon herself to run to the nursery and save and lead out as many of the pups as she could, risking her own life in the process.

OOC: Azura

||Zawyne|| ||Heart of Gold|| ||Lost Princess of a Stolen Kingdom|| ||Here I am a commoner|| ||No stats when Young|| ||Pup||


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