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rule change/rewording.

we have reworded/slightly altered rule 4 to offer greater clarity on the use of warnings in posts. i have included the old wording and the new wording below. most of it is just offering more help and guidance to players who might not be sure how to apply or write a trigger/maturity warning, but there are a couple of things we require now but didn't before, which i have highlighted in yellow. if you have any questions, shoot up me or merl<3

thanks for helping to keep this a safe, open, friendly and happy community for everyone.

old rule
IV. Keep it clean. Shaman is a child-friendly game and has some users as young as 12. Swearing, sex references, violence and the like are permitted, but all players are required to put a warning at the start of their post with details of any offensive themes their post may contain. This warning does not have to go in the subject line and should be positioned at the top of the post, before your in-character writing starts. Outright pornographic posts and animal sex posts are prohibited. These warnings should be polite and friendly; "if you don't like it, don't read it" is unnecessary and can be considered rude.

new rule
IV. Please make use of trigger and maturity warnings. Swearing, sex references, violence and the like are permitted, but all players are required to put a warning at the start of their post with any details of any triggering or mature themes the post may contain. This is because we have a varied playerbase, including users as young as 12 and members who may have personally experienced sexual assault, suicide, etc. Here are some examples of things which would require warnings on this site:
• Any swearing (M).
• Any sexual references (M) and references to sexual abuse (TW).
• Violence and gore (M).
• References to actions or behaviours linked to mental health which may be triggering for players who have experience with those themes. This may include suicide, self-harm, abuse, neglect, eating disorders, etc. (TW)
• References to phenomena which may be triggering to players who have recently or chronically experienced such things, such as death, loss, breaking and entering, racism, etc. (TW)

To ensure the safety and happiness of our community, please use the following guidelines when writing your warnings.
• Warnings should be clear and situated at the top of your post. For very mature or triggering themes, please additionally include a warning (e.g. M or TW) in the subject line.
• If you aren’t sure whether to include a warning, include one anyway.
Warnings should be specific about the content of the post (e.g. ‘Trigger warning: this post contains swearing and references to suicide.’) Please refer to what a post contains, not what it may contain, and avoid generic warnings at the top of all posts.
• Please keep warnings polite and kind. For players who may be experiencing emotional upset in real life, Shaman can be a place for them to get away from it all. Your warnings help to keep this a safe community for them.

Outright pornographic posts are prohibited on this site.

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