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catch the rainbow

⎜ like whispered dreams ⎜

n a m e -- chimera
age -- pup
gender -- female
sexuality -- heterosexual
parents -- separated at birth. she was the only pup from the litter, as both her parents were full rainbows. they both died, but this is not known to chimera yet. she's still hopeful.
species -- arcus irae
eyes -- very light pastel colored pinks.
appearance -- splotches of beautiful colors lay across this girls pelt. gentle pastels which resemble the rainbow- purples, blues, greens, pinks, even some yellows here and there. under her eyes, she has blue swirls and dots. she's small, the size of an arctic wolf. she's quick on her feet with her dainty paws. she had a bit of a longer body, which is close to the ground.
personality -- chimera is a sweetheart, spreading peace and love wherever is needed. if she finds anything that seems "off" with the universe, she'll find her way to make sure everything is okay again. it's just her way of living. peacefully. she loves the way she works. however she rarely lets others into her mind or her heart for that matter. she's closed off but always open for a new friend.
ooc -- delaria

⎜ your eyes can't see ⎜

﹛little darling } -- { no home } -- { pup } -- { child of delaria }

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