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Most of my wolves would be happy to join a pack with the exception being Qrow, he's gruff and thinks he brings bad luck to those around him so he'll likely be a loner until the day he dies.

For a little bit more info on my wolves, Weiss is a pure white arctic with a cold/closed off personality who can be a bit mean since she was sort of raised in a perfectionist set-up, and isn't really nice unless someone earns her respect.

Phoenix is a little bit of a firecracker but also hides insecurities and things, she's the type to snap at others if she thinks she's being picked on, singled out or teased, and she likes being in the background. She likes being the shoulder to steady others if that makes sense. She's a maned wolf.

Noctis is an alexander archipelago wolf, who is inherently sensitive and shy, but puts on a tougher "cool" act to cover that up around those he might view as a threat.

And Lovella is just the innocent sweet-heart of the bunch! She's smaller (a red wolf) and just is a big dreamer type.

If these help you to pick out the more likely candidates that's good, since I am open with most of these: though my muse is currently strongest with Phoenix, Noctis and Lovella.

Let me know if you like any in particular, deary.

As for your rainbow, she's super cute! I think those that would most work for her would be Noctis, who would sort of want to protect and look after her or Phoenix since maybe that soothing rainbow presence would help with her insecurities a little bit.

Sorry I wrote a novel <3

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