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Technicolored Dreams

Name: Eros or custos cordis (Heart Guardian/ Guardian of the Heart)

Age: Pup

Gender: Male

Breed: Arcus Irae

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Family: Lost track of parents and older brother during the escape to Blossom Forest, but the reality is that they are probably dead.

Appearance: He has a midnight blue muzzle and ears, with red swirls near the bottom of his eyes, they lighten out in color as they swirl up towards his cranium on both sides. The rest of his body lightens out into different hues of blue, from the lightest of sky blues to the darkest stormy sea. His tail tip and legs are the same hues of red as the swirls on his face. His eyes are very dark purple in color.

Personality: Eros isnít as carefree as he used to be since coming to Blossom Forest. Sure, his pup tendencies still come out now and again, but his guard is up in this strange place Princess Zawyne led them to. He likes to make people happy, especially if involves him getting attention.

Ooc: Firestorm

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