This is the board where you can talk Out of Character (OOC).

For those of you using our old site still, please check out our New Site, courtesy of Hush.

Post here if you want to chat, ask questions, or let us know if you'll be away. So that there is a universal time, this site is run off of EST.

Email the following directly to the administrators:

Link exchange requests.
Have suggestions to make for the website

Do NOT post:
Links to your "new RPGs" (Do that on the Advertising Board.)
Name reservations (We want to encourage new members, not discourage them!)
Posts with HTML in the name/subject if you don't know how to use HTML...

Pack board description changes or rank updates (if you are the alpha of a pack - these go on the Updates board)
Aging or quitting characters - this goes on the updates board.

Blossom Forest Discord: here

Keep an eye out for announcements by the admins done in this color! (#a372a3)


Rolling and Lore books

One more announcement, which is especially important for anyone who plays a vampire, Tempest, or Arcus Irae. You can request for rolls on the general board OR pm Azura (or me, if it's for Arcus Irae) - but you can ALSO post on the Magical Beings board, which can be found under the Chatter section of the site! You might have already seen it on the right-most column at the bottom, underneath the Staff Page.
Magical Beings Board

If you need to feed, if you want to roll for soulmates, if you're rolling to find Tempest guards or ANYTHING magic related, just start a new thread and staff will post the results!

In addition, if you ever want to catch up on Lore of our new magical beings, you can now find all Lore books posted under the Guide tab - which is under the Establish section.
Guide Section

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