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sweet as sugar

Name: Vera
Age: Pup
Breed: Arcus Irae
Gender: Female
Appearance: Like the rest of the Rainbows, Vera is considerably small with a petite frame. Her coat has been blessed with various shades of light pastels, blue, green, yellow, and purple, although a majority of her is pink. Her eyes are a beautiful, bright shade of purple.

Personality: There is not one mean bone in Vera's body, - she is a complete and total sweetheart. She loves to see others happy and tries her hardest in order to make them so. She plays "peacekeeper" in the sense that she hates to see any negativity and tries to mend any intense situations that she may oversee.

Parents: Vera lost track of her parents whenever she was imprisoned with the other pups. It is assumed that they are dead.

Controlled by Kyleigh

  • Accepted! -

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