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Looking for threads!

I need to get my characters out there a little bit, so here's a list of them and a little about them, in case anyone's interested! I'm open to mostly anything with all of them. <3

Anastasia - Female. Wudubearo. Open for romance. Fiery girl who is very suspicious of others due to prior abuse, but will eventually open up to others. Very protective of her friends and pack.

Nike - Female. Crith-Thalmhainn. Young teen, wanna-be healer. Friendly and outgoing. Easily influenced and often looks to other for guidance. Eventually looking for a "mentor" type person.

Lucian - Male. Wudubearo. Doesn't talk or acknowledge others much, but is super affectionate and protective of his loved ones. It's hard to get him mad but he's a tank once he's angry. Open for romance.

Xarxes - Male. Caidir Olc. Handsome, skilled, and all around a "great guy." But his big secret is that he has a sadism disorder that makes him torture and abuse females.

Vex - Female. No pack. Her mate abused and cheated on her until one day she broke and murdered him. Completely corrupt and hateful, especially of males.

And of course I have Vera, my rainbow pup, if anyone's interested in her!

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