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haunting me

i was as pure as a river
but now I think I'm possessed

Name: Persephone

Age: Adult

Gender: Female

Appearance: Persephone is cloaked in robes of mostly black. In some small areas, greys and browns appear in splotches. Her eyes are a stunning, bright blue. She is smaller than a majority of her kind.

Personality: Persephone is shy and timid when meeting strangers. However, once she is comfortable with them, they will see that she is very caring and playful. She is dedicated and loyal to her friends and family, and will go above and beyond to protect them.

Breed: Timber

History: This lovely girl had a brilliant and happy upraising; up until she reached her late teens. She was the daughter to the alpha of a powerful pack, but war broke loose between them and another. Eventually, her father decided that there had to be an end to the bloodshed. So he met with the opposing alpha male, Marcurio, who was corrupt and evil. Marcurio admired Persephone for her innocence and her purity, so his only request for her father was one thing. Her. In a moment of desperation, and despite her pack’s opposition to the bargain, her father delivered her to Marcurio.

Persephone thrived in her new pack. Although Marcurio was feared and did wrong by many, he treated her as his love and queen. She looked past his flaws and grew to love him. But then he became possessive and extremely jealous of her. It escalated to the point of him imprisoning Persephone. At her first chance, Persephone escaped thanks to the help of a childhood friend. She fled the lands and came to Blossom Forrest.

OOC: Kyleigh

i know you're gonna keep on haunting me

persephone .x. runaway queen .x. of age .x. no heart .x. no home .x. controlled by kyleigh

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