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This is the board where you can talk Out of Character (OOC). For those of you using our old site still, please check out our New Site, courtesy of Hush.

Post here if you want to chat, ask questions, share suggestions, or discuss plots! The OOC board is a great place to recruit for your pack or search for threads. Keep in mind that any plots with specific roles or pup adoptions should be posted on the Plots Page, and that any character/player updates belong on the Updates board.

If you have specific questions or concerns, email the administrators:
We will not respond to harassment, and offenders will be banned.

Do NOT post:
Links to your "new RPGs" (Do that on the Advertising Board.)
Name reservations (We want to encourage new members, not discourage them! Besides, reserving names can only be done with Points.)
Posts with HTML in the name/subject if you don't know how to use HTML...
Pack board description changes or rank updates (if you are the alpha of a pack - these go on the Updates board)
Aging or quitting characters - this goes on the updates board.

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character swap!

Just like we did last year, we are going to have a few swaps coming up. The first one is going to be a character swap! If you want to participate, post which character you are offering up by 9/23. Which character you get will be chosen at random. The swap will last one month.

By joining the swap, you promise to write at least 1 post witg tour assigned charcater. For this swap, you may only offer up one character. When you list your character, please list any relevant information: appearance, whether they heave a mate, what pack they are in, if you are okay with them getting a new mate, what threads they are currently involved in, etc. If you have any questions, please ask!


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