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my milkshake brings all the wolves to the yard

I'm tossing out my big boye Kershov!

Kershov is the Alpha of Uyaraut and the father of Kirastasia. He and his daughter have an extremely tense, hate/hate relationship, and so far neither of them know that the other is currently in Blossom yet. Whenever he thinks of Kira (which isn't often) Ker mainly feels a sense of disappointment and annoyance.

He's a big white wolf with pitch black eyes. His most distinguishing characteristic is his muzzle - because half of it was shredded almost completely away, revealing teeth and gum.

Ker is cold, calculating, and controlling - but not evil. He cares deeply for his pack and would do anything to ensure their safety. He is not a wolf who would harm someone for the hell of it - and he is only attracted to strong, intelligent, warrior-type women (wolves who take advantage of females are lower than dirt, in his opinion).

Currently hella attracted to Athene and Frekari, both members of his pack. Also feels grudging feelings of friendship toward Milo.

He's super interested in finding out the extent of change happening in Blossom Forest and is always keen to interact with other wolves to see if they are useful to him in any way.

Please do not continue any current threads he's in - start some of your own new ones and add [CS] to the tagline so I can see your awesome writing!


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