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*honks like a duck*

I'm gonna put up Milo for this one because seeing her written by someone else is gonna be exciting

Milo is the current Queen of Wudubearo. She's a arctic wolf who was the runt of the litter thus she's had a stunted growth and made her smaller than most arctic wolves however she's an adult. She has grey legs/paws and muzzle that fade into her white body like a ombre effect and she's fluffy so she looks a little bigger than she actually is. Her eyes are a bluish grey color.

Milo has a certain way of dealing with things in the sense of going deeper into child like behavior unless she's needed with alpha duties or other serious matters. It's her way of coping with bad shit. She's not the kind to be mean at all unless it's protecting her pack, she cares about them all so much. But she is very child like and if something traumatic happens to her, she delves deeper into that child like personality of hers.

She's not currently mated to anyone and I don't want her to have a mate just yet because she's never even been in love but she's currently falling for Kirastasia. She's also bicurious and monogamous for now. She's also starting a solid bond with Kershov in the not so romantic way right now.

No giving up Wudubearo and no giving out ranks either

Current threads are with Kirastasia at Laod Mor and with Kershov at Uyaraut

I should also note, the thread between Milo and Kershov, if you've been following it and reading the chats between me and Xathira in the general chat of discord and the plot chat, it's really important and I would prefer if who gets to play her, make a new thread. And as Xathira stated put a [CS] in the tagline so I can read!


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